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Drinking Water Filter (38,000 Litres)

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Drinking Water Filter

Brand of the Filter is PARAGON manufactured in USA. The Filter filters 10,000 US Gallons (38,000 litres) of water and no Filter Cartridges to be replaced. No maintenance at all! It's 5 stage filtration system effectively purifies contaminants such as colloids, sediments, chlorine, chlorides, nitrate, nitride, heavy metals, colors, odors, arsenic and all other organic pollutants in water. Working Temperature is 4-38 deg., C. Flow rate is P 7.4 l/minute. Working pressure:0.1 - 0.4 Mpa and the size of the Filter is 120 diameter x 190 mm. Installation of the filter is so simple. Further information can be sent on request.

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